Sunday, July 02, 2006

Spidey 3 trailer, Night Watch and other drool worthy net news

unlike the rest of the bambozeled masses, i was not stirred by the release of the New Adventures of SuperTorpedo man this week.

and all the better, for the lack of distraction allowed me to pay attention to the true "good stuff"

we've got a trailer now for Spidey 3 and i must say----- i almost did a cart wheel (but since i have NO coordination or balance, the trick was all in my mind)

some may think its pretty sad to be geeked and geared up for a flick not set for release until May of next year-


click here and join the madness

Night Watch or Nochnoi Dozor for the bilingual is at Blockbuster or Hollywood
I've got only one comment:

RENT / BUY this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i said anything else about the flick i'd spoil it

but i must say, i'm glad Gorbie tore down the red iron blanket that use to choke this nation 'cause they've got some freakin' good writers & producers in the rough over there

p.s. you MUST watch it in the original Russian and read the subtitles. the English dub changes the dialgue to fit the actors mouths but the subtitled translations perfectly fit the plot, tone and text of the movie. you WILL missing some major kool points if you wig out USA style and click on the english dub

and now for a Keanu moment
(smell the sweet lavender and roses, feel the gentle warmeth of the summer sun rays. . .)

just one more week to go

i'd say that i'm totaly stoked and in 5th gear, but i think that'd be repetitive

also in the wind is a big ball of fire burning up a skyscraper near you

typically i avoid the dark comics like taking a midnight stroll alone in an abandon cementary, but since Keanu drew me in with Constantine i'll dabbled just a bit (a bit meaning i have now seen Blade- whoa). i don't plan to move into the neighborhood but Ghost Rider has also caught my eye.

the summertime cinematrain is almost in full swing (notice how i said "almost"- just another attempt to diss that huge sparkling bit of eyecandy that has overpowered the sensiblities of comic and sci fi fans alike. it's like Star Wars: The Phantom Menace all over again.

look beyond the CGI and kool camera tricks and recognize just what they've done to our Supes

truth, justice and all that other stuff- WHATEVER

i say if you have to see it (ahem) don't pay to see it
you didn't hear that from me
and DON'T assume i'm referencing illegal mechanisms

at some point, at some time, it will be broadcasted for free on somebody's network
save 5 bucks or 2 and wait for it

maybe the PsTB will get the message

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Budd said...

just as a frame of reference, What are your favorite superman comics? How true does this movie stay to the comics? Who killed superman? And finally, what is Superman's relation to supergirl?

Ghost rider=Nick Cage=Yuck