Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Y: The Last Man- NCCW

Why not the last man, huh.  I have read the first two volumes of this graphic novel and it has my head spinning.  The implications of the story are huge.  I don’t think giving away the premise is a spoiler considering the title of the work.  Yorick is the only survivor of a plague that killed everything with a Y chromosome, seemingly instantaneously.  This of course caused all kinds of traffic and air accidents.  The world is flipped on its head. Yorick is the last man, but that doesn’t mean that he is safe. 
For a book about a world full of women, it does come across as a tad on the misogynistic side.  Women are unable to support the infrastructure.  There are a group of violent feminatzis that aren’t happy with even one man being alive.  The women all come across as incompetent, well except for that group in Ohio.  There are a couple of strong female characters, but even they seem to bend to Yorick’s will and leadership.  Is this the writer projecting, or is it a valid assessment of what would happen to society.  It seems like the series as a whole will be discussing this. 
They haven’t really talked about meat yet.  Pretty soon, it is going to be a world of vegan women. 
This one isn’t for the kiddies due to language and thematic, but my oldest picked it up and read it and liked it.  That is the problem with teaching kids to read.  They can read all the stuff you don’t want them to. 


DEZMOND said...

they are making this one into a film soon too :) It was just sold for movie adaptation.

The Angry Lurker said...

I want to read this for some reason!

Pat Tillett said...

This one sounds very interesting. I'm for sure gonna check it out. Thanks!