Saturday, May 20, 2006

Quirky Quips from a Media mushhead

first of all i say thank you Budd (depite the webwide groan) for granting me a bit of cyberspace to plant my pointless rants on all things trival

i shall endeaver to waste this space well

primary anthems:

Long Live the Shatner!!!!!!

Death to Reality

and the ever popular, yet controversal

ST rulz over SW


log entry 1
Keanudate 00052006

Time for TV talk- YEAH!!!

MAY 2006 sweeps week

was TV geek nirvana. I'm surprised my eyeballs didn't dry out from excessive use
Here's my recap

Smallville- season finale
The opening sequence was EXCELLENT. For 5 years they've shown us the beautiful panorama of the Kent farm. Last night- all was dark and twisted.
Overall the episode was good, but not great. Smallville have been consistently know for its blow you away finales. This one was good but must fall to the bottom of the list of greatest finales.
The episode was really rushed and scene contexts were WAY TO contrived (when did Chloe get super speed? b/c there's No Way she could have jumped from the daily planet to the Kent farm then back to the daily planet before 4:30pm. Oh wait, she just walked from one set platform to the other one, Know I get it)
Hate the fact that a mind wipe is in the wind.
Still love the show and would like to be seated in front of the tube next season for the opener

p.s. it REALLY is too bad they couldn't get Dean Cain to play Zod and had to concoct the last minute weak finale that they did. dissappointment city.
My name is Earl- season finale
Pretty good. Didn't LOL as much as usual. Best lines "old lady karma". Anybody translate what Catalina said? I know it was a comment about the show's freshman season. The first time they did that trick it was sneaky and organic. This time felt contrived and gimmicky
Side note- wonder if the set closed down May 1st due to the Latino worker walk out?
The Office- season finale
I must say- I've gone from mildly disliking this show to loving it. Mouth fell open when Jim did what Jim did- great. Best lines (paraphrased of course)
- one day I hope to be able to say a great AIDS joke
- I hate how you are always ruining everything that I try to do
- the whole scene between Michael (clueless bigot) and the warehouse manager. Can't remember what phrase it was that he taught him, but it's a classic
- Jim's telekinesis powers. Poor Dwight, can't even make a bobble head bobble
Snicker snicker Guffle out loud
That 70's Show- series ending documentary
Watched during commercial breaks. Wasn't a major fan of the show but Kelso and Fez are great.
the finale two epsiodes
eh. "acquired" them from my lovely friends in wwland. wasn't overly impressed, but then not an avid follower of the show. wish there was more substantive closer behind the Eric/Donna story. sad to see Topher Grace's legs were still skinny- isn't he playing Venom in the the new Spidey? maybe the muscles will come later
Boston Legal- season finale
only watch the show for the shatner. the blue state perspective of this show often turns me blue with apoplexy. but it's well worth the viewing just to watch 'DENNY CRANE, DENNY CRANE'. great stuff here. loved the 'i know the camera's in the forground' dialogue. most sitcoms dream of one day being 1/4 as funny as Boston Legal
Prison Break- season finale
what can i say? SWEET. not as complex as LOST and not as character rich as BSG, but the show is no remote flipper. must watch, must watch again. funny how the the one's left behind (or at least some of them) have a better chance of survival. and as much as i dislike the daffy turncoat ways of Tweener, i cheered loud for him at the end. no spoilers, please (smirk).

and randoms musings from the week of MAY 12TH

7 minute sneak preview of X-men III
I MUST SAY- IT ROCKED !!!!! (capitals used to indicate intensive and screaming) Almost feel like imitating the Star Wars geeks and standing in line opening day
The movie's going to rock
The movie's going to ROCK
(ah-hem, maybe a little on the fanatical side)
LOST- web re broadcast of the Eko/Locke episode
Did anyone else have a Twin Peaks or a Sisko & the prophets flashback with the first vision?
But the second one BLEW me away (not literally, but it was VERY GOOD)
Sorry about Hurley's lost (especially since we will never have the satisfaction on seeing how their link was revealed nor given any more clues as to what it all means)
The show is great however I have now come to the realization that we WILL NEVER KNOW what's up
Smirk- but I'll at least keep watching


Nicky Fingaz said...

Well I haven't seen all your shows, I have seen The Office and I liked it. I saw a piece of the original series on BBC America and it looks pretty good as well.

As for X-men, I live with much skepticism about comic book movies. Now X-Men II was better than I to me, but I've heard they switched directors several times on X-III and so I'm taking a wait & see approach on that bad boy.

And although Keanu cannot act, I am curious about "A Scanner Darkly," and its cell animation filtered live-action film. Plus its based on a Philip K Dick novel.

Budd said...

Brian Singer left X-Men for the Superman Movie. I wasn't too sure when they announced the Rush Hour 2 guy as the new director, but the previews have me salivating for more. I will see the movie opening weekend and likely enjoy myself.

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