Tuesday, May 23, 2006

It arises with the sun

yes, yes, yes

May sweeps madness is soon over my friends

the time for staying in doors, staring at the small glowing box (hey some of us can't afford big screen HDTV flat panels yet. . . but the bank robbery's still planned for next wednesday) shall soon be over and we the freed people of the land shall vencher out into the sunline, into the bright light...

get into our cars and drive to the nearest, darkest cinemaplex for

(drum roll please)


(the crowd cheers- or jeers depending on your social life)

2006 has been the Year of the Keanu

(boy have i been smiling a bit this annuam)

it started with the rental of Thumbsucker-
bizarre, weird, emotionally pretentious, and really with out much intellectual depth
Perfect for the Cannes Film festival bourgeois

but I LIKED IT- because the Keanu was Key to the crux of the story

all cheer the Keanu

biased? blinded by his beautiful countenance? oblivious to any shortcomings detected by others unversed in the philosophy of the surf?

And, your point is?


can't wait til June 16: the LAKE HOUSE

yes, this movie may primarily appeal to only half of the human population. but as part of that half that really hopes the other will offer to pay for the movie & snacks, i yell-

it's a WINNER

check out it's site


but in the meantime before the Keanu sunrise

we have (dumm, da,da, dum)


have i been geeked?


have i been drooling in expectation?

of course (but don't tell anyone, that's right up there with snorting when you laugh. how tacky)

am I dissapointed with the so/so 50/50 reviews?

well. . .

didn't have the highest hopes for the film with all the director flip flop, toning down of the Dark Phoenix plot spoiler leaks, absence of Nightcrawler pre-release info I've been reading for the past YEAR

but when I saw the trailer

(big flash of light appears overhead)

anyway, from the reviews- without revealing any 2nd hand spoilers, the movie will be


enjoyable, gifts some moments of spectacular eye candy

but no big emotionally push

the Fan boys might even be tempted to break out ther TIKI lanterns and start a fire

but overall, it should be worth the $7.50 (or $5.5o since there's no way i'm gonna pay the extra for a night time viewing of this)

yes, i will be there opening weekend
yes, i've already made room on my DVD shelf for the 2-disc special edition (to be released around Novemeber / Decemeber)
and i won't be dissappointed

fortunately I'm not a comic book fanboy that literally pukes when they don't get everything exactly right (but as a somewhat shallower fangirl I do balk at Storm's ridiculous hair cut)


twill be a nice filler as I wait for the glorious glow of the summer film biggie



yes, you heard me correct

the new adventures of Supertorpedo man
will NOT draw me into the theater to help them recover their $300 million decompensation moment

I shall wait for a more intriguing, gutsy, and artistically THERE flick

besides. . . .

KEANU's in it

Big Smile

p.s. anyone else somewhat geeked about Miami Vice?
as a former member of the Don Johnson appreciation club (i.e. the playground stalker crew) i am somewhat excited to see how this remake/rehash fares

with Micheal Mann at the helm (oh yeah, Collateral) i'm pretty siked
besides, Colin Ferrell's kind of cute in a don't touch without gloves kind of way

the MPAA will get my money, on opening weekend and on the DVD release date 3 months later

i shall now take my leave. . . .

k- you could at least ACKNOWLEDGE my exit for the evening with a comment



melanie said...

It must be a chick thing. Storm's haircut outraged me too. Her hair is supposed to be long and flowy like nature or something, not short and feathered like the freaking mall attacked her. deep breaths.

Nicky Fingaz said...

I'm pretty sure Michael Mann was the fella who originally did Miami Vice on TV.

Anonymous said...

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