Thursday, October 05, 2006

the BEST Smallville EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

no recent posts b/c i've been content to suck in the fullness of netware from the lurker's POV

but tonight's Smallville has drawn me back to the channel


tonight's episode (10/5) was TOTALLY TUBULAR MAN

having been an SV fangirl for the past 5 seasons (including season 4 although i still get nausea and night sweats thinking about the dreadful mulana story line) i must say i haven't been impressed EVER (well maybe the season 3 opera finale with the magnificent baddie and his de-frocking) as i was tonight.

they got EVERYTHING right!

from the lois byline to chloe's pivotal role to the brief but poignant visitation from our resident lion king to Ollie's arrow to weatherman Clark to to to totottototootototoototooooooo


only beef is that once again my Lexie was on the bottom again
saddness- but if he convinced the leech to stay under his terms then he will have truely begun his ascent / decent to control of his dark empire.

yup- i'm in video feedback nirvana

let's recap my joyous week as an unashamed scifigeek

heroes- episodes one and two- yes they went overboard with the convient dramatic implants but they've inspired my devotion to the younger of the trapazoid brothers

docotor who- cheesy in all his arthur dent glory but who can forget the line "DOES SHE LOOK TIRED TO YOU?"

X-men the last stand available on DVD with a nice bonus buy from best buy

LOST- absoultely lost and lovin' it

and of course the piece-de resistance (feel free to correct my french) the wait is finally over!!!!!
BSG tomorrowwie

yes, i'm imitating baby talk- i'm just that loopie right now


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starbender said...

me, I miss my SCI-FI channel