Saturday, October 07, 2006

BSG is BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, was tonight's episode completely AWESOME or what?

man, man, .... i feel foolish just tring to compose an intelligent blog about the experience i've just had with this show.

because i must say RDM and his writing team's skill with creating real world of thought provoking, intense drama is so off the chart that, that -- they can't be humans. THEY'RE CYLONS!!!!!!!!!!!!

if i had a thimble of their talent maybe i'd get over my slacker numbness - - -

anyway, the show didn't end with the second hour. Mosey on over to the BSG bboard at and follow along with the word play.

sadly there are a number of posters who missed the point. BSG season 1 seemed to be taking the right wing position of firm, uncompromising response to misguided religious terrorism. season 2 pulled the liberal card with its pro infanticde and embracing the POV of the "bad guy". now season 3 has put alot of pro iraq war supporters into an unpleasant wedgie.

personally i support the war. i understand the benefits to the USA of a de-stabilized islamic region with pro-american factions controlling a desperate resource. but BSG is NOT about taking sides or making your political choices based on the rhetoric of hollywood writers.

a poster made an excellant point that the ability to appreciate all POVs is a mark of a thinking individual. does the seeming presentation of the occupied colonists as a stand in for palestinian insurgents make me soften and appreciate their goals and change my position on Isreal?

absolutely NOT. remember net surfers ficition is just that. you take kernels of reality, modify them enough so you can't be sued for libel and re-package them as driven drama.

do i appreciate being given an opportunity to consider multiple POVs?

absolutely. only a weak willed spineless person who has either no true convictions or substance-less drones can't stand the light of the opposition.

besides, the wonderful thing about BSG being spear headed by a "true believer" scifigeek is that the show isn't taking sides or proselyting. it's presenting engaging, intense commentary on trueism recurrent in the human experience. it's bloodless gladiatory sport.

and i must say- they've SPOT ON got it right.


p.s. did anyone else out there nearly faint when the previews popped up? every twist that we've wanted to see is coming.
my only fear is that they go too far and have Zarek sacrifice his life to save to president. now that would be a tragedy worth threating show abondment. (in theory at least)



Anonymous said...

Tigh's quote shines even more light on the writer's take of terrorist / freedom fighters reaction to unwelcomed occupation

We're on the side of the demons, Chief. We're evil men in the gardens of paradise, sent by the forces of death to spread devastation and destruction wherever we go. I'm surprised you didn't know that.


Nicky Fingaz said...

Of course I disagree with some of your points. I agree that fiction is useful to hold a mirror up to society to make interesting drama.

But you seem to basically say fiction is fiction and therefore is irrelevant to the real world and points should just be ignored.

You spare a moment to contemplate other POVs, but then basically dismiss any chance of it remotely swaying your opinion. If it didn't make you think twice about what's going on in the real world at some level they failed with you. I'm not saying it should flip you willy nilly, but I don't think it made you contemplate the other side much at all.

Fiction is also there to help folks think of real world events in a different light so that you may reevaluate your beliefs if the points ring true to you. I'm not saying every piece should change people's minds one way or another, then they'd just be crazy people. But causing real contemplation is good.

I've enjoyed the series so far although not a fanatic of your caliber.

Budd said...

It did a good job of showing reasons why a group would resort to killing innocents. But, like Baltar forced Roslyn to admit, this action can't be condoned.

I found myself on the side of the cylons for the most part. The humans are not acting rationally. Is the cylon occupation worse than Baltar's corrupt unchecked orgy of a government.

Maybe, the opressed are forcing the hands of the opressors to do the opressing.

I heart boomer!