Saturday, October 28, 2006

Leg Go my Eggo

What a lovely little Saturday this has been. I've enjoyed yet another nonstop lurkfest on the bboards of my favs: BSG, Smallville, Heroes, Doctor Who and Lost. excellant discussions to be found there.

must say, surprising, hollywood's not let me down so far this fall season

well, maybe its because the video media has finally open their eyes to the genius of fanboys. all of the above series have strong, if not premienent, connections with the formerly known as quiet geek sect

isn't it great that Revenge of the Nerds was partially prophetical? PARTIALLY- I HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anywho, the real reason i wanted to post was not to engage in written discourse (die hard lurkers, raise your right hands)

but to share this funny off the YouTube



starbender said...

it's a bird;
it's a plane;
it's a lego-maniac!!!

; }

starbender said...

no- let go of MY Eggo!
' ]

Just wanted to say Hi, I just don't get around as often as I would like!

: )