Saturday, November 11, 2006

Whose afraid of Ron D. Moore?

Man, Battlestar Galactica just keeps hittin' home with the tough topics. And exposing blind simpltons in it's wake.

This week's episode "a measure of salvation" has sparked some heated keypad fighting over the decision made by one of the top 10 players. For the sake of maintaining a spoiler free zone i shall shy away from details.
What amazes me is the virulent attacks by posters towards the show writers simply because they don't aggree with the espisode's message.

BSG has far exceed what I thought was impossible- the vivid presentation of deep thought / soul searing analysis of interpersonal and societal dilemnas outside the prestine Trek comfort zone. It forces us to take a hard look at our values, our morales, our choices. Are we right? Is there any validity in the beliefs of the "other"?

As i posted previously, being given the opportunity to examine the full prism can only grant you absolute clarity towards your own positions- if, of course, you have something that you're willing to stand for and/or if you are martyr level assured of your position.

It's sad to me that some modern day scifigeeks still can't get that; despite the 10 plus years we've had of the entertainment media shaking the boat of what we think and believe, if someone presents an alterate view there are those who will attempt to shoot it down with lame calls of FOUL or bad writing.

There is NOTHING lame with BSG's argumements.

i do smirk that while many posters float around whining on the bboard b/c they didn't want "their" show to push them against the wall of their personal comfort zone, many do get it. and write about it. and discuss it. ponder it. savor it. . . .

i just wish the ratings would improve.

BSG totally rocks!

do i agree with some of the tree-hugging stances protrayed by the drama? Of course not. but i do appreciate being reminded that neohippies have logical motivations too.

long live BSG! maybe it will help me reclaim a few brain cells lost watching Youtube clips of trailerpark TV action (i.e. reality TV)

oh yeah, plagerism moment:
lifting this clip from the current bboard chat on this week's episode

< The question comes to this: Are you willing to forever give up your humanity for your survival? To become subhuman? >


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starbender said...

I would Never be willing to forever give up your humanity....