Saturday, February 03, 2007

Ultimate TV land Fight Challenge

Random thoughts from a scifi geek net junkie:


Jack Bauer (24) versus Chuck Norris

Gaius Baltar versus Lionel Luther

President Reynolds (Prision Break) versus #3/ Deanna

Nikki/Jessica (Heroes) versus Isabelle (4400)

Peter Petrilli- when suped up with multiple powers (Heroes) versus Clark Kent

Brainiac (Smallville) versus the Doctor (any incarnation)

Shawn Spenser (Psych) versus Chloe (Smallville)

Sylar (Heroes) versus Magneto (X-men movie version)

Haley (Firefly) versus the Chief (BSG)- in a ship repair contest

Zarek (BSG) versus Collier (4400)- in a test of collecting Kool Aid converts

And of course

Battlester Galatica versus Enterprise (Capt. Archer's version)

Let the games begin!


Nick P said...

I have to bow out of most of these battles because I don’t watch the shows.

Peter Petrilli- when suped up with multiple powers (Heroes) versus Clark Kent

I don’t watch Smallville, but if VS Superman from the comics, then I think Superman would probably beat Peter before he could get used to his powers. I assume there is a certain adjustment period, which Superman could use to dominate.

Sylar (Heroes) versus Magneto (X-men movie version)

Sylar seems tough, but Magneto could make a metal cocoon for protection and whip an ocean liner at Sylar, so I think Sylar is a goner.

The rest I’m staying out of.

Anonymous said...

I can only really comment on 3 of these battles either because I haven't kept up with the show or haven't seen it at all.

Jack Bauer vs. Chuck Norris. It would have to depend on if the match had guns. If guns were involved it would definitely be Jack Bauer…he's edgy! Chuck Norris is always too calm in his films. I mean I’ve never seen the man sweat…ever! Does he not have sweat glands? He’s great and all but I think Jack Bauer would bust a cap in him before he got his leg lifted to kick. If no guns, then Chuck. After all, Chuck still has that black belt. Chuck would do his thang and still have enough energy to go home and work out on his Total Gym.

Peter Petrilli vs. Clark Kent. Well this would depend on if Peter Petrilli gets the hang of his powers before he internally combusts or something.. If Peter gets the hang of his powers, then he would definitely win. Peter would have won and Clark would still be changing into his tights. We’re assuming that Peter would be albe to absorb Superman’s powers, so therefore he would …be able to fly, would have that laser-beam eye thing going on, and would have great strength. Then if Peter had been hanging out with his Heroes buddies, such as Claire and Nikki/Jessica, he’d be able to heal himself from the whoop@ss Clark might have given him and have that psycho edge that would just confuse Clark.

Sylar vs. Magneto. They both have telekinesis and they both get into people’s heads. I think Magneto would get this one. Sylar gets into people’s head and “fixes” them but Magneto has that helmet thing he wears to protect people from getting into his mind. Sylar doesn’t persuade people, but Magneto can. That’s why Magneto has a legion of followers. Magneto would only fight this battle if absolutely necessary. He would first send out all his pawns and let them get their heads split, literally.

Anonymous said...

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