Saturday, February 03, 2007

YAWN - hibernation is OVER!

Oh yeah, the TV winter hiatus has finally past (abet, ironically, the snow has just now decided to start falling)

Time to renew my fan-atical obsessions again

First of all, Kudos to the guys at 'Two Geeks, a Mic, and a Podcast' for assigning 2007 most appropriate designation The YEAR of the GEEK

Indeed it is. Not since my faint memories of 1986-92 have there been SO MANY excellent scifigeek droolworthy. But to have them occur all in one TV year! Truly the meteors are about to fall because the end draweth nigh.

It's been about two weeks since the restart of the TV year and I've already had to start shopping for a new butt cushion (don't want any couch potato bed sores, you know - GROSS!)

anywho, here are some genre related recap; AKA my POV on all that's worthy of DVR space

** so many SPOILERS below- but it's totally ridiculous to think one can converse intelligently about any show without revealing any current plot events. The banner warning's here for appearances only. If you haven't watched the episodes that the below blog spoils- then you are so NOT a fan **

BSG- BATTLESTAR of course placed at the top of the list

1. WHY are the rating so bad?? I know the American viewing population has gone the way of Idiocracy but there just isn't any comprehensible reason why this show isn't at the top of the quality lists. I nearly screamed at my lap top when I saw that the final vote over at put BSG at the bottom of the top sci-fi shows of 2006. WHAT!?!!!

my only hope is that iTune and DVD sales are hitting record numbers. RDM and company have done such a tremendous job with this AWESOME work of fiction that it actually provokes a heated emotional response from me when I consider the low rep its getting. The only area that matters to it's funding network is the numbers that translate into profitable commercial sales or direct re-coop of production cost from fan merchandise sales.

Idea: if BSG fans made dedicated effort to strategically support the corporate firms that pay our writers/actors/production staffs pay checks then we could single handedly erase all cancellation fears along with solidifying the importance of fan input into the minds of the POV. This of course would be a great thing, especially in ensuring we undercut the spreading virus that is the reign of trailer park TV, ie reality (p.s. no offense to any mobile home dwellers and self-admitted rednecks, which includes several dear friends of mine)

2. Anywho, back to MY theories (and if any of these come to past, I'm okay with it but I call bragging rights. I say this in advance b/c I think my ideas are SO BRILLIANT that they must be shared by BSG's creative staff. Opps, my head just fell over again)

a. Gaeta and Dualla are obviously cylons. There's just WAY too much evidence to support Gaeta being of the mechanical persuasion and since they've already got two white and one Asian female cylons-
3rd in the line of succession is of course the dear President Roslin. Just b/c jaws would drop and she'd had to throw herself out of an air lock (poor Adama)
b. starbuck is going to bite it by the end of the season. Not permanently; I think, I hope the writers follow up on the 'all of this has been done before' by pulling her out of the RTF ala the 1970s version and sending her on a cylon sponsored earth quest. My only hope is that when she finally resurfaces there aren't any 'star children' in tow (remember V?)

3. Bboard haters should all burst into flames. I've gotten really tired of all the trash talking naysayers on the forums that rip to shred every little aspect of the show. Yes, I hope the love quadrangle gasps for breath no more; yes, the depiction of permissible insubordination is WAY over the top; yes, as a self admitted rayguns and robot girl I want to see more outstanding special effect scenes like Exodus but COME ON PEOPLE! The reason why BSG is not your childhood scifi show is that it's full of human stupidity, frailty, irrationality, irresponsibility, and soap-operish drama. If you want the old world bland science fiction go stare at a SG-Atlantis marathon (yeesh!) If RDM or company ever comes across this blog in passing I want them to know they've got at least one fan who actually GETs It, and appreciated It. (party on writer dudes!)

shout outs to some EXCELLENT fan pods:

K. Since this blog will complete obliterate my well constructed rep as a non writing slacker I must move on to the next point before I lose all my stamina

Oh yeah, Masi rulz! And of course my little Emo Milo brings me great delight. Quite please with the infusion of Christopher Ecclesion. I do hope the writers capture the perfect blend of persevering mystery and cannon in their exposition on the evolutionary mythology. Only big beef I have is that I hope the dinosaur does NOT re-appear. The picture was fulfilled at the museum. An additional story line would send the show straight into velveeta land. This show's premise just isn't design to credibility portray such an over the top storyline. Or at least I don't think it can. I have been proven wrong before.

shout outs:

P.S. NBC's website now is offering simultaneous episode re-broadcasts with video commentary for the cast & producers. I must say- so far it ROCKS!


oh yes, its been great. I'm greatly digging the evilLana/Lex metamorph. I just REALLY hope they don't mess it up by trying to pretend that Lana the Leech belongs on the light side. WHATEVER. I will really miss Oliver. The series has really benefited from the GA / JLA storyline infusions. I hope the MM entry will be just as entertaining. So far it has been.
1. The Labyrinth episode- BRILLIANT! Especially the sound checks.
2. The next best stroke of genius that could be grafted in is if the Lana babymonster has some of Brainic's genetic material swirling in its DNA cocktail. I'll take any kind of far fetched story device to bring back James Marson

Shout outs:

the one and only -


Okay, before you make the scooby noise; despite my over all general ADVERSITY to all demon hunting / borderline dark magic based shows, I have (cough) developed an appreciation for this serial. And no, it wasn't just the hot Jason Ackleson that lured me to the darkside (although I do appreciate the eye candy). Nope, the 4400 like storyline of the psychics drew me in. Then the snappy, snarky dialogue attached the hook. But last week's episode ending of the shaper shifter bank robber episode: ode to Styx's Renegage locked me in as a regular view. If they can re-create the utter SWEETness of that last 5 minutes into any additional episodes then I'll be happy. Plus, I've read that they've got a werewolf episode in the works and for some bizarre reason I'm pretty partial to the doggie dudes. ARRWOOOOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF!


An under appreciated gemstone. Really good acting and writing. The episodic run is currently available for free viewing at
WARNING: it ends on a minor cliff anger b/c of the show's abrupt cancellation but the major story plot is resolved quite nicely. So no worries- GO check it out.


okay, it's technically not genre. But you've got to admit Gus' geekiness should make any nerdbar bouncer move out the way and allow them free entry.
The show's stinking hilarious!

Ahem- notice how LOST isn't listed?
THEY KILLED MR ECHO!!!!!!!!!! First Boone, now Echo. And I heard they're rumors Sawyer's neck is in a noose. I WILL NOT WATCH ...... I WILL NOT WATCH... I WILL NOT .... (sigh)

the must see Movie calendar for the first half of 2007

Pan's Labyrinth (admission- its too scary for me to watch but the web site is AWESOME:

Ghost Rider (maybe a DVD wait)
The Number 23

300 (OH YEAH!!!)
Zodiac (non genre but looks intriguing)
THE HOST (finally a USA release. Depending on your terror tolerance, that's a good or bad thing)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

NOPE, still nothing

SPIDERMAN 3!!!!!!!!!! (the YEAR of the GEEK)
again with the Pirates (awaiting the November multi box set release)
Paprika (anime ala Phillip K Dick- hmmmmm?? I've not seen a trailer yet, but it sound interesting.)

Fantastic Four the Silver Surfer RIDES!
Day Watch- Finally the sequel to Russia's Night watch is HERE

Transformers ( I hope it's good)
Room 1408 (again not for those with pacemakers)
dare I say it? the SIMPSON's movie DUOH!

The Bourne Ultimatum


Whew! Hopes this makes up for the month long hiatus

good night, and good luck
(pulled from RDM's pods, you know)


Nicky Fingaz said...


It’s a good show, but I did miss an episode or two because of the time change. As for popularity, it isn’t necessarily a good indicator of quality. It’s all subjective of course.

As for your, let’s-buy-stuff-that-advertises-during-BSG-campaign, ain’t happenin’ cap’n. I buy what I want and need and no TV show will sway me. Sorry. You can go ahead on this one.

Gaeta looks a little suspicious and I’d buy that he’s a cylon. The recent attack Gaeta did on Baltar sure is designed to look that way. I don’t remember who Dualla is and am too lazy to look it up so I’ll plead the 5th on him/her.


I’m a sporadic viewer. It’s an okay show. I like Hiro and his buddy. The rest of it is mezzo mezzo.

You may know throw rotten vegetable like I know you plan to anyway.


I’m with you on “Pan’s Labyrinth,” I just hope I see it before it’s gone. I’m curious about “Children of Men,” “The number 23,” “Paprika,” and “The Simpsons Movie.” The rest of them I don’t know anything about or think will stink. Although I left off Spidey 3 which I expect to be good. The Silver Surfer does look wicked, but I didn’t like the first FF movie much, so not too psyched.

Peace, love, and chicken grease.


Anonymous said...

REVISONs, revisionS, reVISons

since I don't feel like logging in the moment I shall tack on this addendum as an afterthought.

I've FINALLY seen a trailer worthy of an April cinema trip

Pathfinder- epic in the Conan/Grendal & Beawolf tradition. My interest is offically peaked.