Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dragon Ball Evolution

This movie barely makes it into the martial arts category for me. The martial arts is way over the top and not really focused on. This is strange because the movie is all about a “martial arts” battle at the end. In fact, the final fight scene was anticlimactic and disappointing.

The good news for this movie is that my kids loved it. Both of them are girls and take martial arts themselves and they thought the movie was a lot of fun. In the DVD extra features there is a training segment where they teach you how to do stuff from the movie and my girls got up and participated. The whole feature was corny and over the top, but my girls ate it up.

Overall it wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t good either. It is kind of fun and Jamie Chung is fun to look at. Kids from the 5-12 range will probably get a kick out of it. The martial arts content was sub part, but the movie is based off of an anime that is based off of a manga. I give it 3 exploding fists.

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Nicky Fingaz said...

Yeah I didn't think it'd be any good for the over 18 crowd.