Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Event

Me watching "The Event" was not the event.

And really it wasn't.  The show was non linear but not in any way that was condusive to the story telling.  Okay it might have been better had something that happened in the past had direct influence over the present, but the show could have been linear and it may have worked better.  I was reading a comic so the show didn't have my full attention, so I may have missed something.

The main character is a dork.  I can't grow facial hair anywhere but on my chin.  I know this and don't try.  This character/actor is unaware of this fact about himself and therefor tries and looks like a person too lazy to shave.  I had to ask my wife if she found that look attractive.  She said she did not. 

The plot of the show is seeped in mystery but all that is really kind of given away at the end.  Honestly, I figured out about the prisoners before the big reveal at the end.  The big reveal at the end does have a certain hook to it and I guess I amy be tuning in next week for no other reason than it comes on after Chuck. 

Overall it wasn't a bad show.  It has some questionable editing decisions and Jason Ritter is no John Ritter (I though Zach Braff was John Ritter's son).  I have a short attention span and this show doesn't have my full attention as of yet. 

The only other new show I have seen this season is Better Together.  It comes on between the Middle and Modern Family, two shows that keep my family laughing.  For half an hour, the only laughter in my house was from the laugh track.  The show needs better writing or needs to go away. 
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stevebetz said...

It seemed like they were specifically touting "mystery" rather than "storytelling" -- perhaps trying to lure in displaced LOSTies looking for the "next" thing.

That, and the name is stupid.

stevebetz said...

PS -- I like the new banner!

Budd said...

Yeah, mystery over story telling.

Thanks, I thought it needed more than just text. And the ship is exploring as are we.