Friday, September 24, 2010

Comics Quiz

Quiz time again.  This week, we have a comics quiz.  This is the comic book form of comics and not the flesh and blood joke tellers.  Rules are simple, answer in the comments and no cheating.

1.  This character is the kid sister of X-men's Colosus.
2.  This is the secret identity of a version of Supergirl that wasn't superman's cousin.
3.  Bone was a comic illustrated and written by him.
4.  This "angelic" character was introduced in Spawn before she got her own limited series. 
5.  Although he penned Jeremiah and Babylon 5, this writer started out in comics.
6.  This is the creative team behind Fables.

Winner gets a SciFi Media "no prize" in their inbox. 

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Budd said...

Here are the answers:

1.Who is Illyana Rasputin or Magik
2.Who is Linda Danvers
3.who is Jeff Smith
4.who is Angela
5.who is JMS
6.Who are Willingham and and Buckingham (I should have said that they were always hamming it up.

I would rate the difficulty of this quiz as hard.

Anonymous said...

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