Friday, October 01, 2010

SciFi Movie Quiz

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Quiz time again. This week, we have a Movie quiz.  Rules are simple, answer in the comments, your answer should be in the form of a question, and no cheating.  Winner gets a SciFi Media "no prize" in their inbox.

1. Named for a Short Heinlein book, this movie wasn't very similar to the book and has split the science fiction community on if it is good or not.  It has also spawned two sequals and a cartoon.

2.  Based on a children's book of the same name, time is running out for this city buried deep in the Earth. 

3.  This movie from 2009 has humanity fleeing Earth only to be plagued by zombie like creatures "en route" to their new home. 

4.  New footage has been found of this incomplete 1927 Fritz Lang masterpiece.

5.  A video game trains this teen to be the best pilot in this 80's classic.

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SteveB said...

1. What is Starship Troopers?
2. (timed out)
3. (crap)
4. What is Metropolis?
5. What is The Last Starfighter?

Ross said...

Fun but some head scratchers that I'll be kicking myself for later, I think.

1) What is Starship Troopers?
2) What is City of Ember?
3) No clue
4) Glad I didn't go for a true daily double on this one
5) What is the Last Starfighter?

Budd said...

Got a tie here. The correct response for #4 is Pandorum.

Thanks for playing, both Ross and Steve can proudly display the no prize on their websites.