Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall Genre Shows

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I will preface this by saying that I watch too much TV. I was actually kind of relieved that two of my favorite shows were ending last year. Lost did end, but Supernatural decided to ruin a great series finale and come back for a 6th season to be discussed below. So I am being a bit more critical with new shows this year as I don’t need to watch any more TV than I already do.

The Event: Caught the second episode, and I no longer have to watch. It went from being a Scifiesque type show to being an allegory for fear in the age of terror/political thriller. Not that the show was overwhelmingly interesting to begin with, but the hook at the end made me perk up my ears for the second episode. Nothing in episode two made me want to continue watching the show. This show may end up being amazing, but if that is the case, I guess I will just have to catch up on DVD.

Chuck: This is a fun family show as always. Sure it pushes the boundaries a little, but it comes on at 8/7central. Every time the show starts getting stale they do a little to change it up. This year they are bringing in cameos galore. Already we have seen Lou Ferrigno, Olivia Munn, and Dolph Lundgren with promises of many more. Look out for Nicole Ritchie and Stone Cold Steve Austin next week. It is a fun show that kind of falls on the guilty pleasures list.

No Ordinary Family: Watched this last night. Again, it seems like a pretty family friendly show that comes on at a family friendly time. It is a little early to make a final judgment, but it looks pretty good. What helps set the show apart is that the family has problems. The dad is unemployed, the mom is a workaholic, the daughter is a girl in high school, and the son has a learning disorder, then their plane crashes and all of a sudden, they have to deal with super powers. The acting was good, there is drama, and there is comedy. It looks like this one will be fun.

SGU: The show got pretty good in the last half of the first season. The final cliffhanger was intense with everyone’s lives in the balance for different reasons. To be honest, I think they thought they were being cancelled and if that would have happened everyone would have died. They weren’t cancelled and the first episode of the second season was about getting themselves out of that great big corner. It wasn’t smooth, it wasn’t graceful, and it wasn’t the greatest of episodes. It does look like they are laying some groundwork mysteries to be solved throughout the rest of the season. I will stick it out with SGU, because when it is good, it can be real good.

Wrasslin: Hey it is on SyFy right? No? okay, but I fell in love with AJ from NXT. She is a self confessed nerd, but that might be part of her character. She was wearing a I heart nerds t-shirt last night. NXT is not good TV, but they are doing divas which are fun to look at. Smack Down is moving to SyFy this week and they are bringing back the supernatural overtones of Undertaker and Cain to celebrate.

Supernatural: Speaking of supernatural, Supernatural returned for a 6th and final(?) season. This is a great show and as I said earlier had the perfect series finale at the end of season 5. CW is milking it for all it is worth, but the first episode was still pretty good and not farfetched at all considering what has happened in past seasons. I wanted the show to end, because I wanted it to end while it was still good. I am not sure about 6.1 but they are setting some stuff up that could be interesting. Needless to say, I am in for the long haul on this one. Don’t watch this on The player sucks and freezes a lot, plus you will get less commercials just watching it on the air.

These are the shows that have my attention, what are you watching.

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SteveB said...

It's funny, I hadn't heard about "No Ordinary Family" until yesterday. Seems like someone said lets make a live-action "Incredibles". My attraction for Julie Benz is hard to deny, but I think this one is just a little too light. That's what "Medium" is for in our house.

More than LOST, The Event seemed to be trying to channel Flash Forward, which had a really good start before it degenerated into soap-opery ness.

Budd said...

No Ordinary Family looks like it is aiming at whole family entertainment. Which means my kids will like it more than I do or it won't get watched. Dangerous ground, because it is hard to transition to something edgier.

The event just seems too mired in conspiracies, blackmail, and frame jobs to come across as realistic. Which is strange because I am okay with a plane disappearing, but a person being framed for murder the way he was is dumb. why didn't they arrest him on the ship, someone else was in the room so the body was disposed of and records don't even have him on the ship anymore so what the heck.

Nick said...

I've seen none of these shows and I doubt I will. Nothing on TV has really drawn me since Joss Whedon's heyday and X-files.

Dollhouse was only okay and I missed the last few episodes so I'll have to hulu or netflix the whole series again to see what I think.

I have Lost set on netflix so I can see all the hubbub but it's behind a bunch of anime and kung fu movies so it'll be awhile.

Michael said...

I've got "Family" on the DVR to try and will give it a few eps if only for the Chicklis factor. He's awesome.

"Chuck" is a favorite and I don't care who knows. I am seeing this season as a victory lap as I fully expect it to be the last for the show. Not worried. We got four years and I'm satisfied.

"SGU" Thanks to screeners, I've seen this week's and next week's. They're amazing. This show is one of the best going.

I've got a Caprica screener and need to watch it.

Kal said...

I am diggin' on "No Ordinary Family" also. Really good effects and I love the Mr Incredible/Frozone type relationship that the Jim and George have. ("I have a LAIR! With Wifi")

Of course 'Amazing Race' and 'Survivor' though 'Survivor' needs to go away for about 5 years or bring a celebrity version where they get some really interesting celebs. Hello Lindsay and Paris. Try snorting those coconuts bitches.

SGU is amazing. I love that concept - people who shouldn't be on a derilict spaceship a billion light years from home ARE on that ship and have to make it work. Robert Carlyle is always terrific. I look forward to more fractured relationships, rivalries and alliances between the now 3 parties.

Of course I am savoring my 'Firefly' episodes like the last can of Pepsi in the fridge. When it runs out I will be very sad.

The 'Event' lost me. I am digging on 'Outlaw' because of Jimmy Smits. Dat man never done me wrong yet but the show is going to get killed in the ratings.

Budd said...

Nick-You should watch more TV

Michael-SGU is that good when it is good.

Cal- er, I mean Kal. Is that a Cal from an alternate reality? He must write for Kal's Kanadian Kave of Kewl. I saw the trailer for this season and it looks like a roller coaster. Keep enjoying firefly.

Kal said...

Don't get me started on Alternate Realities Budd. Have you ever seen the Jet Lee movie 'The One'? Trust me. Some of my 124 alternate selves are pretty strange.

I gotta find that trailer for SGU..'for the sake of the crew'.

that whole Kal/Cal thing came from being first on line and people telling me that I should use my real name because people will find you and rape you but I didn't want to be someone other than who I was so the C to a K was a good compromise. Plus Superman is KAL-el and that was a cool nod to one of my first loves so it worked. But when I started my blog Kanadian Kave of Kool broke down to visiting the KKK and I don't need or want that kind of follower. So now I interchange the two and people who are interested ask why.