Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World- Spoiler Free Review

Sometimes you find that special someone and then you have to fight for her.

Plot: Twenty something Scott Pilgrim is a loser. He is in a bad loser band and is so broke that he sleeps in his gay friend’s bed (totally plutonic). He even has a high school girlfriend. That is until he meets Ramona. Scott takes and interest in her and then he must fight her seven evil exes. 
Characters: The main characters of Scott, Ramona, and Knives do develop somewhat, but the background characters are kind of clichéd and stay that way throughout the movie. Knives won my heart over completely and not just because she is hot and Asian. Ramona is hard to like for most of the movie because she is so aloof. Michael Cera was born to play Scott and didn’t really have to act at all. 
Martial Arts: The martial arts were over the top video game style. That being said they were choreographed really well and came across as hugely entertaining. I am not sure where Scott learns to fight, but I am pretty sure it was from video games only. You will not see any specific style in this movie, but it is a whole lot of fun. 
Special Effects: completely over the top and obvious but in a fun light hearted way. 
Overall: It was an entertaining movie that was well acted and engaging. Scott Pilgrim is kind of a hipster hero and that had me worried, but the hipster was toned down. The most painful part was the Bollywood dance scene as the actor wasn’t really any good at it, but that might have been intended. 
I can’t say that this movie is for everyone. There is probably an upper age limit on this movie as the cultural references and relevancy will pass out of understanding, but I am not comfortable assigning that number. Keep the kiddies away, but teens will do fine as the movie does have some sexual innuendo, talk, and situations, but no nudity or scenes. I didn’t really pick up on any bad language.

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