Thursday, April 21, 2011

Richard Matheson- A to Z

When most people think horror, they think Stephen King or George Romero.  But who do Stephen King and Romero think about.  The answer is Richard Matheson.  If you have only seen I Am Legend (in any of its incarnations), you are probably scratching your head as to why.  If you have read any of Matheson's stuff you know why. 

First off, his novel, I Am Legend, has never been made into a movie.  Well, unless you count night of the living dead.  Which Romero himself does and has apologized to Matheson for borrowing his idea.  I am legend is amazing.  His short stories are, stylisticly, all over the place and excellent as well.  I would suggest Mad House, The Funeral, and the doll that does everything. 
Several of his stories have been made into movies, such as Stir of Echoes and What Dreams May Come.  Most of the film adaptations of his work are unsuccessful, which is ironic as he himself moved into script writing. 

Fangoria has a recent interview with Matheson that I found very interesting.  Pick up a copy to check it out  Do yourself a favor and give this man a read. 

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Austin James said...

I've never read him, but I'll have to check him out. I love Zombie stuff.