Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The White Queen- New Comic Content Wednesdays

Emma Frost is the White Queen, a telepath that later develops the ability to turn her skin to diamond.  Regardless of whether she is good or evil, she seems to want to mentor children.  Her Hellions were destroyed and she later came to Generation X as Head Mistress, still later she came to the X-Men as team leader and mistress to Cyclops (yeah, I don't know what she sees in him either). 

Because of her past and her loose with morals ways she is only trusted somewhat by most members of the X-Men.  Scott is her lab dog though.  She will be played by the lovely January Jones in the upcoming First Class movie and was in the Wolverine Origins movie as a young teenager that could turn into diamond and was Silverfox's sistery.  Not sure how the continuity is supposed to work on that. She is known for her skimpy costumes. 


DEZMOND said...

we do love White Queen. She actually might be the only reason for me to watch FIRST CLASS :)

SteveB said...

Um... yes, please.

Nick said...

Call me old school but I liked her as a Hellfire club villainous telepath.

The writers may write her interestingly and do fun stuff with her but I think the diamond skin and the villain-to-hero flip are innately lame and boring.

So call me old school or a hater, but I say boo!

Austin James said...

I like her as a villain better.