Monday, August 15, 2011

Red Riding Hood (2011)

Amanda Seyfried stars as the titular character in this modern interpretation of Red Riding Hood.  This is modern, apparently, because it involves werewolves and has a romance in it.

Plot-  I mean, as stories go it should have been good.  It had werewolves and a pretty girl.  I think it was trying to cash in on the twilight market, but from what my wife told me the vampire guy wins in that story so it this one is a movie about the losing side.  Because it was a twilight inspired film, it was missing the nice hard edge that generally makes a good horror movie.  For a movie about people that can turn into monster wolves, it was guilty of a most grievous crime for a horror movie,  It was boring.

Characters-  You just don't really care about the characters at all.  The movie doesn't do a good job of making them relatable.  I actually found myself hoping that Red would be turned to a werewolf in the end.  You will have to watch it to find out if she does.  Nor even Gary Oldman could make me care.

Overall-  I am pretty sure that the Red Riding Hood you grew up with was pretty gruesome.  It involved women being eaten by wolves and woodcutters cutting said wolf open.  This current edgy version is much less edgy than the original.  It has werewolves and is less edgy.  It really has very little resemblance to the original story.  The original was a thinly veiled warning for child molestation and stranger danger.  I think you could give this one a pass.  Might want to keep the younger ones away due to some sexuality.  That is some as in not enough to be interesting.  


SteveB said...

Pretty Amanda Seyfried not enough to carry it, eh?

The Angry Lurker said...

Thanks for that, I was contemplating watching it but you've saved my time.

Nick said...

I spotted the Twilightishness of this crap right off the bat ruled it out as something worthy of viewing. Gary Oldman's a good actor, but he couldn't override the Twilightish induced nausea. Glad I was right, but sorry they screwed up the chance to do a good version of Little Red Riding Hood.

The Golden Eagle said...

I had wondered about this movie when I first heard of it--I'm not a big fan of Twilight, though, so I probably won't see it. :P

Thanks for the review!

Pat Tillett said...

Thanks for the review! I pretty much thought they were taking advantage of the Twiligt deal. Of course, I don't want to see those movies either. Thanks!

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

That's why I took one look at the trailer and said no thanks!