Friday, April 08, 2011

George Takei- A to Z Challenge

George Takei?  Really, that is what I came up with for the letter "G."  The obvious reason would be that there is a giant poster right down the hall from my cubicle with George Takei and Patti Duke.  I am going to make you google their names to understand it, but they are both wearing Starfleet uniforms. 

If you check out his credits, it really isn't a surprise.  His career started with another "G,"  Godzilla.  Takei, whom has done voice work for shows like transformers, scooby doo, the super hero squad tv show, etc, actually did voice work on a Godzilla movie in 1955.  He has since lent himself to other science fiction shows such as Twilight Zone, Heroes, and an obscure tv show called Star Trek. 

You need another G.  The voice he does on Super Hero Squad is Galactus.  So we have George Takei, Giant Poster, Godzilla, and Galactus. 


TS Hendrik said...

A feature on George Takei? Oh my.

SteveB said...

That's the best picture-with-post ever.