About SciFi Media

We like science fiction.  We like reading it, listening to it, watching it, creating it, and in Steve's case living it (well I suppose it becomes science fact when Steve gets a hold of it).  Below are some common types of articles you will find on our site.

Book Reviews- We love to read and/or listen.  Book Reviews are pretty self explanitory.

Movie/TV Reviews- We also love to watch movies and TV shows, again self explanatory.

Spoiler Free Reviews- Sometimes we don't want to give any of the story away.  This is usually done with newish movies and books, but can be used for any review we don't want to spoil.

ANOKS- or A Nightmare On Kell's Street.  These reviews are horror movie themed.  Steve and friends gather to watch an unfathomable number of horror movies and we reap the rewards. 

Friday Quiz-  This is a Jeopardy style weekly quiz that comes most Fridays.  Usually there will be a theme, but not always.  Winner is awarded a "no prize."  Sometimes there will be a Super Hard Bonus that will earn all correct answerer's a "Geek Cred."

New Comic Content Day-  Most Wednesday's we will try to bring you comic book related content.  This is set to coincide with New Comic Book Day.  Here you might find comic reviews, movie trailers, pretty pictures, or anything we decide is comic related. 

Author Profiles- Occaisonally we will profile one of our favorite authors.  We talk about why we like them and why we think you will

Essays-  Sometimes we like to get a little more serious and talk about themes or compare and contrast things.

Top (put # here) Lists-  We love lists and we do throw some up from time to time. 

Original Fiction-  We only have one story up as of writing, but who knows what the future will bring. 

We have a number of people that contribute so you never know exactly what you will find, but we hope, whatever it is, you find it entertaining.