Monday, January 28, 2013

Usurper of the Sun- Book Review

The story can get bogged down in technical mumbo jumbo. I didn't see a lot of character development. It was a very Japanese novel, which isn't a bad thing. Overall it was okay to good. I really liked some of the concepts presented even if I don't feel that the planet mercury has enough matter to create one ring, let alone a second around the sun. I thought the ending was kind of weak. No real payoff. You could easily cut 40 pages out of this story and make it much more enjoyable, or, conversley, Add about as much in character development and get a much better story.

This is a first contact story so if you like first contact stuff this may be up your alley.  You also may enjoy this more if you are interested in AIs.  Safe for the kiddies but they probably won't enjoy it much. 


Shallee said...

Interesting. Sounds like the kind of thing my husband would enjoy!

Pat Tillett said...

Although I love the concept, the fact that it seem too long doesn't bode well for me. As ADD as I am, I need to to keep me interested, or I'd never finish it. Thanks for the review though!