Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Rocket Girl-comic review

Monday evening I recieved my copy of Rocket Girl numero uno in the mail. I had contributed to the kickstarter for this project and have been looking forward to it for the past few months. It is written by Brandon Montclare and art by Amy Reeder. This title is published on the Image imprint.

First off, the artwork is amazing. I really liked it. It was krisp, clean, and vibrant. For project updates they would release images from the book and they always looked like cover images. Every panel is done with that same quality.

The story was engaging but a little hard to follow sometimes as it divides itself between the future (2013) and the present (1986). The Future is a very futuristic and stylized 2013 with flying cars, jet packs, half Swedish/half Korean teenage girl police officers. DaYoung is sent back into 1986 to presumably stop her timeline from happening. Why? Well that isn't explained in the first issue.

Pretty good first issue, can't wait for #2.


msmariah said...

The art looks incredible. I miss seeing this level of artistry in comics.

Nick P said...

I know this is old an all, but I bought this too and the art is definitely sweet. Nice line work and perspective shots throughout.

Storywise it was kinda popcorn fun.

Budd said...

The story is kind of pop corny. I agree.