Friday, December 20, 2013

Game of the Year 2013

A lot of people are giving this to GTA V, I have played it. it is fun, but the dialogue is really bad. Like, makes you wince, kind of bad. I really like The Last of Us. It is a zombie game but, then again, it isn't. The writing was good and the story pulls you in. I think that this wins for best game. Best cinematography would go to Tomb Raider. That game is beautiful. It is also very fun to play. Best RPG would have to go to NiNoKuni. Studio Ghibli doesn't let you down with this one and it is also the recipient of the best all ages award. Now I have not played all the games this year, so my subjective list my not match your subjective list. What do you think the best games of the year were? Why do you think my opinions are wrong? let me know in the comments.

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Unknown said...

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