Monday, June 05, 2006

X-Men Shmex-men


Yeah, I said it. Not anyone would be so severe in his taunting of a movie.

Okay, so it's not that severe, shhh.

I saw X-Men 3 Sunday 6/4/06. My reaction - ehh. It was okay. It had plenty of action, but that isn't usually a problem for Hollywood. Something was wrong with the character development. I don't have my crit totally nailed yet, but I'm working through it as I type.

Jean Gray felt kind of wrong to me. JG was designed as multiple personality. It seems to me JG was more powerful thane before, but lacked control. Phoenix had power and control but she was all Id, no ethics. JG/P killed Scott for no apparent reason. JG would have been loss of control & therefore I'd have liked to see more remorse. If Phoenix killed him, why? Killing Scott to get him out of the way to mess around with Logan makes no sense, because if you are all Id you don't care about propriety and would have 2 or more men you mess around with.

I can understand JG killing Prof X, given the blockages and Phoenix resentment, so I'll let that slide. Although I don't know if I like it.

JG disappears and Phoenix seems to be in control after joining with Magneto. Phoenix acts like a zombie who exists to use her power alone. This is not consistent with Phoenix as Id/hedonist. It is just blankness. When Phoenix is blank she is kind of like Akira from the anime/manga of the same name. Akira has a certain vacancy about him. But Phoenix seems to flip back to Id mode sometimes (angry/destructive/self-gratifying) much like Tetsuo from Akira. Id chick and blank chick are not the same type of person. Either her power has vacated her psyche or she expresses her most petty desires. Flipping back and forth makes no sense to me. I don't even understand why she bothered to go with Magneto. She could just spend the rest of her life in siteseeing, partying and making a palace out of gold. Or she could try and take over the world rather directly not as Magneto's tool. She is either magnified desire or she is pliable, she cannot be both.

I also would have liked JG to more gradually lose control. I think a weird slow revelation of JG going evil would have been better. More work for Famke Janssen internally. She always played JG a lil flat, like she doesn't really get her. Maybe this would have given her more character to grab onto.

Other minor problems...

Magneto busts the whole bridge and moves it, when it would have been easier to steal a bunch of cars or a large boat and float it over there. Why do the bridge thing? I would think structurally it would have fallen apart the second he let go his magnetic control. Bad idea to me. Dramatic, but silly. Secondly, it was daylight in the beginning of the stretch and night by the time the bridge was in place. Either - A. they messed up continuity, or B. Magneto is an idiot - 1 ocean liner floating there would be quicker & give authorities less time to nuke alcatraz.

Colossus, who is my fave and a fricking tank was basically ignored. He could have had a few more ploughing through some badguys. A Colossus Juggernaut battle would have been nice with Kitty saving the day, maybe. I dunno.

I like Halle Berry generally, but I think she was miscast. I think Angela Bassett or Iman were more the vibe of Storm than she. Although, they themselves may have been too old to play the parts, someone like them would be better. I liked this wig the best so far, but would have preferred some funky white locks and a lil bit weird looking eyes (white iris contacts maybe).

Miscasting can be a major factor. Do you think Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, or Robert Deniro would be able to do Prof X seriously? But they are good actors. I think Halle Berry is in the same boat, although not necessarily as good as those guys.

That's my 2 cents

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