Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday Quiz- Supernatural

All answers must be in the form of a question, answer in the comments, and no cheating. First person with all the correct answers or the most correct answers by Monday will get a coveted SciFi Media "no prize" button to display on their website.   Geek Cred and bonus questions are made to challenge the more dedicated fans and are not included in the scoring. 

This week's theme-Supernatural
Next week's theme-hodge podge

1.  These two brothers are the protagonist of the series
2.  The first couple of seasons has the boys following this colorful demon (nickname or demon name acceptable). 
3.  This female demon helps the boys, but for her own ends.
4.  This is the boys mentor who has had to kill his wife twice. 
5.  This weapon can pretty much kill anything and is used unsuccessfully on the devil. 
Bonus:  The boys run into people who follow their novelized exploits in one episode.  The learn about fan fiction which pairs the two brothers up romantically.  This is the name of that specific kind of fan fiction.
Geek Cred-This iconic car is driven by one of the brothers.


DEZMOND said...

I guess it's a sf sin, but I've never seen SUPERNATURAL. I did watch both Jensen and Padalecki in their previous TV shows and loved them both.

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Sorry, never watched the show!

C R Ward said...

For shame that it takes a woman to step up to the challenge this week. :-)

1. Who are Sam and Dean Winchester?
2. Who is Azael?
3. Who is Ruby?
4. Who is Bobby Singer?
5. What is The Colt revolver?

Bonus: I remember the episode, but not the name of the fan fic.
Geek cred: What is the 1967 Chevrolet Impala?

Budd said...

Great job, CR. I was actually going for the name of the type of fanfic which is called "wincest." You are the winner, so look for your no prize in your in box shortly.

Anonymous said...

1. Sam and Dean Winchester
2. Yellow Eyed Demon or Azazel
3. Ruby
4. Bobby Singer
5. The Colt
Bonus: Slash
Geek Cred: 1967 Black Chevy Impala