Saturday, July 08, 2006

I've surfed soo long

my eyeballs are red!!!!!

since the evil PsTB (actually the smart guys 'cause they deftly avoided being smacked down as pirate plunder) decided that today was limited release opening day for the Scanner Darkly


which means my Keanu-withdraw must continue for another week- blah

while combating the shakes, i decided to utilize my much valuable free saturday time-

come on, you know......

scouring the internet for fun but useless bits of entertainment

hey, i toured
(not a complete waste of day time- smirk)

anyway, when i was not enhancing my psuedo intellect
i discovered 2 VERY important things

DO NOT-- i repeat -- DO NOT search for Spidey 3 news online
there's enough spoiler info out there to enable visualization of the ENTIRE flick

major bummer

usually i'm a spoiler junky but i was looking forward to a little surprise with my Spidey

the only thing i can say now is- depite knowledge of pratically the ENTIRE story- i am still totally stoked about this new ep

YEAH BUDDY-it's a gonna be good
drool puddle on the keyboard

now for the second most important finding from my slackfest

this is a special treat for my fellow BSG fans undergoning their own fair share of forced cold turkey

i DARE you to follow through the entire story
(without cracking a single smile)

anywho, enough time wasting
time to redeem what's left of the day and do some work. . .

oh wait- why is it so dark outside?

p.s. in other news

watched couple of new summer offerings
ABC Famly channel's Kyle XY (also available from itunes) and USA's Psych

Kyle, okay sci fi/teen show for wasting precious summer time hours

and Psych, not really sci fi but you WILL crack up; but hopefully not literally 'cause i am so not cleaning that up

enjoy your day (or what's left of it)

Visine endorsement now ended

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