Sunday, December 17, 2006

Winter Hiatus


The time has come when the evil network PsTB slap us diehard fans in the face with nail-bitting cliffhangers and heidous season pauses.

I would like to meet the person who first came up with the "to be continued" idea- and (edited by Blogger net-smirk)

Anyway, must say I was quite please with BSG's mid season fianle . Although the overall episode was pretty predictable, it was actually a breath of fresh air. Instead of having my guts ripped out by some unexpected plot twist and my face subsequently slapped with the cruel time lapse, we were treated to another trilling entry in the RTF's saga. And we got a HUGE hint about the nature of the Cylons versus the Lords of Kobal. Because the plot advancement actually answered questions while laying the framework for future compelling drama, I can patiently wait for the return of the greatest show on TV without silently wishing locusts swarm upon RDM.


once again, this proves that the creative staff of BSG so far out shines any other tv/film production group that the rest of the players should run crying back to their classroom.

In the interim, I was able to check out the LOST substitute show DAYBREAK on
Man, that show was GREAT! Compelling, well acted, and appealing to my inner scifigeekiness.
I'm using the past tense b/c once again the IDIOTS in charge decided to cancel a 'thinking' show. I do feel a bit of guilt because I personally didn't throw any support to the show when it first aired. I was still fuming over the murder of Mr. Echo and the network was top on my hit list. Now I'm sorry for the misplaced fury.
Very sad that DayBreak won't get to see the light of tommorrow.

REC: even in it's partial state the show is still worthy of review. And since many of the epsiodes are available for free on you should open up another browser window & go check them out.
Hey, maybe if they track a significant spike in viewers during these hiatus days they might bring it back !?!


Elaine said...

You're sooo right about BSG. The only TV that I watch is the news, an occasional movie and BSG.If it impresses an ancient person like me, it has to be good.

starbender said...

Ha-there is nothing worse than watching something U are into, and then it says, "to be continued!" Augh! I hate those words cuz 9 times out of 10--I will miss the next one! I no longer watch things like "24" "Desperate Housewife's" --- now I wait for them 2 come out on DVD's---and watch the series all at once. Soooo much eaiser!
: )

starbender said...

AUGH!!! I hate this time of year for T.V.!!!! It's like Hurry 2 wait!

I want to wish U a Merry, Merry Christmas and an even Better New Year!

: )

Anonymous said...

hello all
thank you