Friday, December 08, 2006

Sub-par Smallville: please, somebody throw some dirt on this episode!

as a DIEHARD smallvillite, with still fresh fond memories of the season 2 premire TV party attended many, many moons ago, it usually takes alot for me to even THINK badly about this show. Not even season 4's Mulana stinkers swayed me away from unbridled fandom.

but last nights ep Subterranean

WHAT WERE THEY T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G???/??!!!/?///??????

I was QUITE disappointed in last night's episode. I haven't felt this ill towards an ep since last year's horror feast thirst / ultralana.

Ridiculous- illegal Hispanic immigrants who CAN'T even speak SPANISH. "necessitas adyuda"- my BAD spanlish pronunciation of that phrase is far more realistic.

Even the final scene showing an evil Lex grated- if he's got high powered meterfreaks under lock & guard- why are they in regular cells? Wouldn't at least one of them have significant powers that could reach out and nab Lex as he walked on past them?

If this is the quality of filler episodes needed to stretch the season out for another year then- GASP- I'm hoping for early cancellation.

The amber of krypton got a little dimmer last night

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