Saturday, September 25, 2010

365 Days of Comics


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Dom over at 365 Days of Comics has a plan.  No not like the plan the cylons had, a real plan.  His plan is to write a daily article reviewing some aspect of comic.  This is ambitious.  Not only does he have to write a daily post, he has to read 365 comic books and come up with creative ways to approach them. 

Dom says:  “365 Days of Comics was created because I wanted to share what comic books I am reading with others. Plus, I wanted to challenge myself to make a quality post daily. Yep, 365 days of comics! I hope my opinions on the good, the bad, and the Deadpool's face ugly can be helpful to others looking for something new to read.”

This is a noble cause.  I recommend you go over and read some or all of his posts.  Leave some comments for him to encourage him in his writing.  He reads and reviews a variety of titles from a variety of companies. 

Dom also gives a rundown on his sidebar of his current favorite writers, artists, and titles.  You can trust him because he is critically reading a truck load (or at least large box) of comics this year. 


Dom said...

Ha. You would write a post about my site while I'm a day behind. Ok...what do I have lying around to write about real quick? Got it! Yesterday's post is currently being written.

Thanks for the posting and encouragement. The comments do give me motivation to keep up...and guilt when I fall behind.

Budd said...

sorry about that. Inspiration hit when I was catching up on my feeds.