Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Losers and Boondock Saints 2-spoiler free

Last week, I picked up a copy of The Losers from Red Box on the recomendation of my friend Mary.  It is a DC property that was part of their Vertigo Line from 2003-2006.  While much of the DCU is inconsistant and worthless, the Vertigo line is very consistently good diverging into great on occasion.  I did not follow the Losers vertigo line and did not read the 1960's version it was based on either, but I may be looking for the trades of these in the future. 

The Losers [Blu-ray]The movie follows some black ops soldiers as they witness atrocities and are almost killed.  Of course they want revenge on the person that set them up and many explosions and funfights later they finally catch up to him.  This movie was a lot of fun.  There were a couple of I didn't see that coming moments along with a villian that you could really hate.  Recommended to action movie fans that may have enjoyed the A-Team.  A-Team is the better movie if you have to chose.  The movie does have a pre Captain America Chris Evans in it. 

Boondock Saints 2 isn't our usual fare  here at SciFi Media, but I watched it and it fit nicely with the Losers.  I loved the first movie.  It was funny, violent, and it had vigilantes.  The second movie brings back a lot of the same cast, but loses most of the magic.  It all seemed rather forced.  Not sure they should have brought the brothers back, or maybe they should have just done it differently. 

I would recommend it to fans of the original that just have to see the sequel and to people who enjoy violent vigilantes.  Like I said, it doesn't stand up to the original, but I liked the female Fed. 

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