Thursday, October 28, 2010

Your Blog Horrorfies Me-Blog Award

There are some blogs out there that have put up a lot of Halloween content an I just want to show them some love.

First up is Slice Into Insanity-Angel delivers the Halloween goods all year round and really steps it up for October.

For a unique way of doing things, I will award Minions of the Monster Master.  The Minions have pledged themselves to 31 days of the walking dead.  Every day you get something new and Zombie related.

Bryce over at Things that don't suck is doing 31 days of horror that doesn't suck.  I guess that means no vampires or zombies with straws.

Cal over at the Canadian Cave of Coolness has been doing costumes all month, but it was the a pumpkin picture every day that landed him the prize.

Go and check out these amazing blogs and their dedication to Halloween and the month of October.

If you won an award, just copy the graphic at the top and feel free to post it on your site.  I just ask that you have it link back to this post so people know why and where you got it.


Kal said...

Thanks for the award Budd. I appreciate the love more than you know.

Gyro said...

On behalf of the Minions of the Monster Master, THANKS!

Next podcast we'll plug Sci-Fi Media for sure!

Spook Show Angel said...

Thanks a bunch !!!!

Pat Tillett said...

I saw your link at Cal's blog. So I'm here to have a look. I like what I see and I'm gonna tag along.
Patrick Tillett, Extremely Overdue