Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Limbo for Xbox 360

My brother visited during Christmas and he brought his Xbox with him.  Even though I had an Xbox on my wish list, I guess Santa (my wife) had me on the naughty list and I didn't get one.  But my brother had a downloadable game on his system called Limbo. 

The first thing you will notice is the art design.  The characters are all in silouette.  It almost has a magical feel to it.  Dark magic as it doesn't take long for you to die.  For me, it was when I said, "ohhhh! look at the pretty butterflies," and a bear trap decapatated me. 

You will die, over and over and over.  It is part of the game and it starts you back at a spot before you were killed.  There are many deaths and the game hopes that you get to experience them all.

Ultimately, it is a puzzle game as you will have to figure out how to get past certain obstacles.  These start out simple enough but the complexity builds. 

It is a lot of fun.  I didn't play it to completion but my brother has.  It only takes about 6hrs of play to do this.  I look forward te being better this year so I can get an Xbox next year and play it.  It cost 1,200 points ($15) at the Xbox marketplace, or they have a demo version for free in case I haven't completely sold you on the game.


Pat Tillett said...

If this is an example, the images are very artistic. Hope you had a good Christmas, despite not getting the X-box!

Budd said...

yes, that is an image from the game. My brother got me a Kindle so it is all good.