Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nightmare on Elm St. (2010)-Spoiler free review

I grew up on Nightmare on Elm St.  It was the first real horror movie I remember watching.  I thought Freddy was pretty cool.  Robert Englund did a great job portraying him as scary and witty.  I watched the television series and even ran up my grandmother's phone bill calling the Freddy horror line for scary stories. 

This was a nightmare, just not Nightmare on Elm St.  The acting wasn't bad.  It is a teen slasher flick so acting isn't the most important aspect of the movie.  But the girls screemed loud and looked pretty, and that is pretty important in a film like this.  

Plot wise, it was basicly the original with some new actors, influences from pulp fiction, and some pedophilia thrown in for good measure.  The movie didn't really come across as scary and just kind of made you feel dirty. 

It has been years since I have seen the original, but from what I remember, it was hard to differenciate dream sequences from reality.  Not so hard in this one.  The major thing that messed up this movie was Freddy.  For some reason you can get past the original Freddy being a serial killer, but the new on is a pedophile.  Ewww gross!  The makeup went for realistic burn looks.  Freddy is pretty much a demon, so exagerating the burns into open sores like the original is okay.  Haley, is just playing Rorschach from Watchmen.  I couldn't help but make the connection every time I saw him or heard him.  It was distracting. 

Overall, it isn't for kids, and you have a better use for 2 hrs of your life.  Watch the original instead. 

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Pat Tillett said...
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Pat Tillett said...

I was pretty sure I was never going to see this one. Now I'm positive! thanks for the review!
Happy New Year...