Monday, March 14, 2011

High school Of The Dead or H.O.T. Dead

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I was looking through the free on demand selections and came across High school Of The Dead ep.1. I know, I capatilized some of the wrong words, that is because it is abreviated H.O.T. Dead. The synopsis said it was zombies so I was there.

Ummmmm..... can you say fan service. It was borderline ridiculous. If that is the demographic you are going for you should just go all the way. With the amount of language and violence that is in this, there won't be many kids watching, so upping the ante to adult only wouldn't change much in terms of sales. I didn't have much a problem with it until it started getting in the way of story.

Sure it is episode 1 of a half hour show, but all you get is how the zombies infected the school. There are some really cool gory scenes but overall it didn't really set the series up well. That might have been because they needed about 15 minutes of the half hour they had to show fan service. The writing could have been a bit stronger and less cliched but some of that could be translation.

Animation wise it was pretty. Clean lines, the zombies are done well. The attacks are gory. The character design is what you would expect. Nothing earth shattering. The voice acting was par for Anime. Not great but passable.

Overall, it was okay. Not enough to get me to buy the DVD, but enough that I might watch other episodes if I saw them available. The fact that I can't watch this with my wife or kids kind of limits its viewing potential.
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