Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Paolo Bacigalupi-A to Z

Most of the authors that I have and will profile this month are well established and most are considered representatives of the Genre.  Bacigalupi is newer.  He only has two novels and book of short stories out.  One of those two novels is YA. 

So, why am I profiling Mr. Bacigalupi?  Other than I needing someone or something for "P,"  I have read two thirds of his published work.  I like his style and I believe he is going places.  Wait he has gone places.  His novel, Wind Up Girl, tied for the Hugo this year.  My 10 year old has read and enjoyed Ship Breaker, a book that intorduced her to dystopias. 

He will be one of the founding fathers if not the face of the Biopunk movement.  Wind Up Girl alone will provide that, but he has a world that he has created that he uses to tell his stories.  He is up and coming and look forward to following his career.  While I enjoy the stories set in his biopunk world, I do hope that he tells some different types of stories as well. 

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