Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wolverine and Jubilee - A to Z- New Comic Content Wednesday

It was destiny.  I had no idea that two of my favorite characters were doing a team up.  I knew that Jubilee was one of the mutants depowered by the events of house of M.  I had heard she was now a vampire, but I hadn't read any recent X-Men storylines.  I stopped by the comic shop to just burn some time, and there it was. 

Wolverine and Jubilee #1.  The cover is pretty awesome, even if it would confuse a new reader as to which one is wolverine and which is Jubilee. 
The first issue is really good.  The writers capture that great dynamic between the two characters and bring them together in a unique way.  The second issue is still pretty good, but I was getting tired of emo Jubilee. The third issue starts the adventure and is okay.  The fourth issue ends the adventure and could have been better. 

Overall, the series was a bit rushed.  They had four issues to tell a story.  The key dynamic is the realtionship between Jubes and Logan.  As the series gets away from that it becomes less fun.  If they would have done a six or twelve issue arc with the same story, they could have told it better and actually had, I don't know, Wolverine and Jubilee actually together for more than a few panels in the third and fourth books.  The series starts strong and ends weaker.  It may read different in trade form and I may have to go back and read it all at once to see. 

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