Thursday, April 28, 2011

Xena Warrior Princess- A to Z

I didn't watch this show or Hercules when they came out.  I mean I would invariably see an episode from time to time.  I remember thinking Gabriel was cute.  But, I never was a fan. 

This year, my oldest got really interested in Greek Mythology.  She is ten, so Percy Jackson and his ilk are the main ones to blame, plus they had a Greek themed encampment for Girl Scouts.  Being the awesome dad that I am, I remembered that Xena was not only a strong female rolemodel, but also loosely based on Greek Mythology. 

We requested season one from the library and now both of my girls are running around the house screaming yayayayayayayayayaya.  I guess that means that I did a good job in picking things they would like.  Oh, and Gabriel, what the heck was I thinking, Xena is way hotter. 


SteveB said...

I watched Xena, though not much of Hercules -- perhaps for obvious reasons. (I was a big Gabrielle fan..)

They had some decent story arcs, though the writing and acting was -- errr -- not first rate.

DEZMOND said...

the later season went totally crazy, when they decided to put in modern jokes and stuff. I liked the first season best. And I adore Lucy Lawless in SPARTACUS too :)
I never liked Gabriel.
And my favourite Karl Urban appears often in XENA as Cupid and as Caesar :)

Budd said...

had no idea Karl Urban was in it. will look out for him. I didn't appreciate Lucy Lawless' beauty until I saw her in BSG.

StuartOhQueue said...

I definitely had a crush on Gabbie when I was younger, as well. Lucy Lawless is simply all kinds of hot and now I guess I'm just old enough to appreciate it.