Monday, May 09, 2011

Predators (2010)

There are plot holes and there are plot holes.  Predators makes that abundantly clear.  You might be asking yourself why I would watch a predators movie for plot.  Well, the comics and novels have done a lot to develop the actual Predator society and give it depth.  I guess I was just hoping to see that translate to the screen. 

Overall it was a popcorn action movie that isn't great but is okay.  It retreads other predator movies and loses a lot for lack of originality.  The predator storyline is pretty standard, so you have to tell a good human story and that is where this movie falls short.  

Plot-  The predators are watching you.  Right now, they have nothing better to do.  They are very patient when it comes to picking their prey as they are able to watch battle after battle in order to pick the best of the best soldiers.  The also get a guy about to executed, so he has only been in prison for the last 10 or so years.  Once picked they are dropped onto a jungle planet and hunted.  They run into Lawrence Fishburne and he is crazy and tries to kill them.  That dude that kissed Halle Barry that one time and was in Splice thinks that he can fly a predator ship and their is a big fight where he uses fire to hide his body heat signature. 

Acting-  Nothing wrong with the acting.  Everyone including Topher Grace did a pretty good job.  Funny note,  Danny Trejo had heard that the script had someone described as looking like Danny Trejo, so he called up the casting director and said that he looked like Danny Trejo. 

Foor plot hole people- The final fight with the fire masking the human from predator heat vision.  Nope, wouldn't happen.  A fire is much hotter than a human, so the human would be silouetting himself against the flames for people to see.  They also find humans and remains on the planet.  seeing as how Earth has been scoped out for quite a long time, or maybe they just read the killer from San Quentine's file, it would stand to reason that the poeple selected before them, were better than they were.  Fishbourne's character survives by hiding in the only shelter on the planet.  Must be really hard to find there.  What kind of ending was that?  Either it was a set up for Predatorses or they stopped the movie half way.  It would be like stopping a WWII movie at the storming of the beaches. 


Pat Tillett said...

I haven't seen it yet, but I plan on it! I also don't plan on it being very good, but no matter!

Unknown said...

I'd like to see it (eventually). But yeah, I'm not really expecting it to be THAT good... better than those Alien Vs Predator movies hopefully.

Budd said...

I had the movie available for at least a month before I got around to seeing it, so I understand.