Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Priest (2011)- Spoiler Free Review

Whew, sorry about the hiatus.  Had a family situation to attend to, was trapped in the gulf coast due to a hurricane... in New England, and I had promised the girls some things before they went back to school (six flags and camping).  So it has been a busy two weeks.  On to the review!

Priest-  I wanted to see this in the theater.  It just looked really cool and looked like the type of movie that would really pop on the big screen.  I have not read the graphic novel but my give it a look now.

Plot-  Vampires are the monsters that haunt the night and the Catholic Church and their Priests are our only hope.  The movie starts with humans as victorious, but trouble is stirring.  Our hero asks to investigate and is denied the right, but defies his orders and goes out of the fortress city in search of the truth.

Characters-  The priests are supposed to be emotional voids.  Being a cold blooded killing machine can do that to you, but we do get to see some emotion and the audience is able to identify emotionally with the priest without him losing that tough/hard edge.  The Maggie Q character is instrumental in this and the movie would not have worked without her.  She had great chemistry with the priest.

Special effects-  The monsters were really cool, but there was something off on the motorcycle through the desert scenes.  The animation sequence at the beginning was really cool and I can see an animated sequel being done in that style.

Overall-  It was a pretty good movie.  I enjoyed it and watched it with the girls and they seemed to like it too.  It had them jumping in some spots.  I would recommend it to almost anyone.  Parental discretion due to bloody violence.  This one was fun.  


The Angry Lurker said...

Will be watching it this coming weekend, thanks for the review.

DEZMOND said...

nice to see you back, Budweiser ;)

I liked PRIEST too. Maggie Q and my absolute favourite Karl Urban were amazing in the film, and so were Paul Betanny, Cam Gigandet and Christopher Plummer. For me the essence of the film was the marvelous cast. I was shocked that it lasted only 80 minutes, and I'm sorry that it flopped in cinemas and that we won't be seeing a sequel even though it was obviously done with that idea in mind :(

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Lackluster reviews kept me from watching it in the theaters, but I'll check it out on NetFlix.
Bet you never thought you'd be trapped in the gulf by a hurricane in New England!

Max Silver said...

Maggie Q is SO hot :P