Monday, June 20, 2011

Green Lanter-Spoiler Free Movie Review

My wife and children took me to see Green Lantern this weekend for Father's Day.  It was just what I wanted.  They knew this because I told them I wanted to see it Sunday afternoon.  I did give hints but they were too subtle.  I would say things like, "it is really neat that Green Lantern is coming out on Father's day weekend, and do stuff like put on my Green Lantern T-shirt on Sunday.  Anyway, on to the review. 

Characters-  I had questions about the casting going in to this.  I felt that Ryan Reynolds would have been better suited to a Kyle Raynor GL than a Hal Jordan.  He stepped up and it was pretty good.  You got to see Hal grow into the ring somewhat.  Hector Hammond was spot on, Sinestro had the look but the voice was distracting.  It was just way different than the superfriends voice that still gets used in my head when I read a GL comic.  Blake Lively is still the big question mark.  She wasn't bad, but I wasn't reading CEO and pilot.  One of my favorite character parts was watching Hal as he learns to fly with the ring.  The character is a pilot and flight without a plane should truly delight a pilot and Reynolds was able to capture that. 

Special Effects-  In the credits there were at least six special effects studios involved.  The effects were pretty consistant and the only times they were a distraction was during two scenes with GL either flying or taking off.  Other than that, the movie was gorgeous.  I watched it in 2D, so I can't comment on 3D.

Plot-  This is really where the movie didn't quite measure up.  It was like they wanted to tell too much story.  Earlier I mentioned that Hal grows into the ring with the somewhat identifier.  I hate to say it but a montage of heroics may have been in order.  My biggest problem was with the pacing.  Every writing class I have ever heard of tells their students to show and not tell.  In movies, this should be much easier because it is a visual format.  Green Lantern tells a lot.  The movie is full of exposition.  GL has a very dense history with lots of little intrigues and twists, especially since John's run on the book.  But you can't just explain all that in the movie, it should be shown or revealed over the course of the series.  My wife didn't get all of that and was pretty confused about the guardians and Sinestro.

I can hear people now.  You think you could right a better screen play.  Why yes I do.  My story would have centered on Hammond as the only villian, not had Abin Sur's back story, probably would have had more training on OA and might have hinted at Paralax for a sequel. 

Overall- It was an entertaining movie.  Having a back ground education in Green Lantern comics helped me with the exposition but irked me when they tweaked things.  I left the theater happy, but left thinking Earth was the only planet with life or problems in sector 2814.  Some parts may be scary for younger children, but the movie was pretty family friendly. 


Dom said...

I just saw the movie last night, and pretty much agree with you on everything. The best parts were with the corps and Sinestro, and I think if they are able to make a sequel it could be pretty amazing because it would involve almost exclusively those 2 aspects.

Pixie said...

I think a lot of people could have written a better screenplay. The actors (most of them) did what they could. I enjoyed it mostly because I walked in expecting your average Ryan Renolds movie.

DEZMOND said...

I'm glad most honest people liked the film. Nice, review, Budd!

Kal said...

Reading your review reminded me of something I hadn't thought of. There is a TON of backstory to get through before you can even begin to tell a new story. Most long time fans appreciate the movie for how they got that part right. I can wait for more films before Sinestro become the great villain he has always been in the comics. Shakespearian really. He is forvever the fallen angle.

Reid Kemper said...

Good review. Plot and pacing are important to me, so I may wait on seeing the movie since it seems to fall short on those.

Shannon Lawrence said...

Thanks for the review. I'm seeing it on Thursday, but I was expecting the movie to be ripped up by people who'd seen it already (just because they normally are these days). I like Ryan Reynolds, but have no background with the Green Lantern comics. I've seen quite a few have the issue with too much back story and wanting to fit too much into too little a time frame.

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Pat Tillett said...

I've heard a lot of both good and bad about this one. Based on my history with TGL, I have to see it!
Good post Budd!