Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Walking Dead/Game of Thrones

Okay, what genius scheduled the walking dead finale at the exact same time as the genius that scheduled the Game of Thrones premier.  Luckily GoT was the only thing HBO showed for the rest of the night.  What made me really mad was at 10:01pm when walkind dead was still going strong.  The ran it over 5 minutes.  Why!?!  to screw people who DVR?  To screw people who wanted to flip over and see the encore of GoT.  That decision doesn't make sense to me. 

Well, on to the reviews:

Walking Dead: Season 3 Finale-  I have a great idea, lets build to something all season and then make it completely suck.  Make it a total anti-climax, in every possible way.  This episode felt like an early April fools day gift.  It was that disappointing.  To compare it with what happened in the comics isn't fair, because it would have cost way more than what they did, right.  What, the comics thing might have been cheaper, more dramatic and move the story forward all at the same time.  Other things also happen that are inconsistent to the comic and this may have been the producers telling us that it isn't going to be the comic we know and love.  Lets hope World War Z doesn't make any money or the zombies will be superhuman next season too.  Almost enough to make me stop watching the show.  Horrible end cap to an amazing season. 

Game of Thrones: Season premier-  They have to set everything up, I see them combining characters and compressing stories to get to the action.  This season is very promising, but the first episode was largely a set up for what is to come.  Can't fault the show for that.  Can't wait for next week. 

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Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I haven't kept up with Walking Dead and we don't have HBO! But I will catch Game of Thrones later after the season ends.