Thursday, June 15, 2006

hmm...All this xmen stuff

Sin City is a movie that is so true to the comic it's unreal.

Even the way it was filmed, was like the comic....half black and white with random colors (eyes, a red dress.., etc) Truly filmed like a comic.

This is an actual scene from the movie.
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"an old man dies, a young girl lives." That's Bruce Willis Right there, exactly how it looks in the movie. He does it for Nancy.

Skinney Little Nancy. Aside from Batman Begins, this is so true to the comic, there is just nothing more to be said.

It's an all star cast and they do an amazing job. It surprised me that Quinten Tarentino was involved at all. The entire viewing of the movie is like watching a comic book come to life...sorry I am so short winded...

I had to post this after all the x-men let downs though

5 stars from a woman hard to please.


Budd said...

comics are for kids, and this movie proves it. . . or not.

melanaise said...

budd as an X-man fanatic, you just made me belly love it!!!

Thanks for letting me write here!!
Your book review went up today, dear :-)