Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Cable #150, New Comic Content Wednesdays

Written by: Ed Brisson
Artist: Jon Malin
Publisher: Marvel Comics, December 2017

Back in the 90s he was in a very famous TV show, His name is Nathan Summers, don't act like you don't know.  Apparently Cable is back, this is most likely tied to his upcoming appearance in a theater near you, but don't look a gift Horsman in the mouth, right.  This is listed as #150 but they are picking up the numbering in a creative way.  I believe this series starts at #147.

The lenticular cover almost made me leave it on the shelf.  Thanks to #movetheneedle and youtuber Diversity in Comics to get me to look past the cover on this one.  The art on the cover is fine, it is the lenticularness that messes it up.  It doesn't quite work right with the shifting images. 

You don't have to worry about any previous issues with this comic, you can jump into the story right here if you want.  The story is simple: Cable is exploring a temporal anomaly.  Yep, he is a time cop.  It is well written and easy to follow.  If you don't know about cable, there are a couple of pages at the end that breaks down who he is. 

The artwork is great. This feels like one of those late 80's early 90's books with stylized art. I mean, Shatterstar looks like he could be torn directly from the pages of a Jim Lee book.  I like how Cable's eyes are kept in shadow it does a lot to darken the bright comic panels and set the tone for the book.  I also love the work on Selene.  You immediately know that she is evil, but you really wouldn't mind being seduced by her.  She might be a vampire of sorts, but you would totally take the chance.  Come on Cable, take the chance. 

Overall it was a good book.  It flowed well, was not bogged down anywhere and looked great.  If you enjoy the character of Cable or are just interested in the upcoming Deadpool movie, give it a shot and let me know what you think.  If you have any recommendations for other titles, let me know in the comments.  #movetheneedle