Tuesday, July 25, 2006

ahh- vacation days

yes my fellow working stiffs, i am enjoying the singular pleasure still available in adult life- time off from work

and how, do you ask, shall i spend this potentially fruitfull day of free time? surfing aimlessly, of course

feeel the power of the slacker
the slacker runs strong in this one

since writing a long blog feels oddly like work- an empty vessel am i

i shan't do so

just wanted to share this oldie but goodie for you who might be peeking at this page when your supervisor's no where near your cube.



30 minute later addendum

remember when i said i was spending the day surfing?

well came across this excellant blog, in support of my media crush
and wanted to add it for www consumption

read this and weep Keanuhaters!!!!


love the keanu
respect the keanu
appreciate the keanu and he'll teach you how to surf

Party On Dudes!


Nicky Fingaz said...

I read the Keanu defense and it is a large number of things irrelevant to my opinion of his acting ability.

All of the 40 points can be categorized into the following groups:

"Keanu is a nice, cool, interesting guy." -- That's nice, but that has no bearing on his work. I never thought he was stupid or a jerk, he just can't act.

"Keanu makes lots of box office therefore he is good." -- There are tons of movies that make tons of money that suck. There are many good movies that make no ducats. Quality and box office are not remotely related to me. Therefore this doesn't help Keanu's case at all.

"He's worked with lots of good people and knows how to pick scripts." -- I'll give him kudos for his script taste, but that doesn't mean he can act in them. Frankly he probably works with big names because he will make them money. Secondly, it sounds like he is fun/not stressful to work with. I bet if you get most of the directors in private and asked them what they REALLY think, they'd say he sucks...as he does.

"Other people think he can act therefore you should think so, despite your own perceptions." -- This is the lemming theory of personal taste - no thanks.

The unsaid truth - His career is heavily supported, kinda like training wheels on a bike, by women who will see him in any role because he is cute. Blindly devoted admirers. Oddly men do not do this. We do not convince ourselves that J-Lo (or whoever the starlett dejour) can act, we just leer & move on.

His acting 100% not believable. I see Keanu talking, I never see the character and forget the actor. This is my opinion forged by my own observations and not a bunch of lame - well other people think he's good reasons.

Budd said...

so, we should like him because he has worked with people that can act and his movies make money?

I am just glad there were only three star wars movies and that the eps 1,2,and 3 were never maid.

Serenity didn't make a lot of money, it must have been a bad movie. Farscape and arrested development were cancelled, they must have sucked as well. Brittany Spears and Jessica Simpson are great singers because they sell a lot of albums to teeny boppers. John Prine sucks because no one has ever heard of him.

Mary, next thing you know, you will be telling me I should like Leonardo Dicapricorn or Halle Berry.

Anonymous said...

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