Monday, May 23, 2011

Skyline (2010)

This is me watching the movie
 I saw the poor reviews for Skyline from people that I think have good taste in movies.  I didn't want to believe them, but I held off on watching this one till I could do so for free.  Going in with low expectations made me not think it was absolutely horrible, but it wasn't great.  I was entertained as long as I didn't think, kind of like the first Transformer's Movie. 

Plot-Aliens attack and some people try to "survive."  I say survive, because everyone in this movie is apparently an idiot.  They seem to want to run away from these aliens even though they have no idea where it would be safe.  Network TV is off the air, so maybe this isn't just an LA thing. 

The aliens themselves somehow run on human brains, which makes it surprising that they ever got to earth in the first place.  We learn nothing of the aliens except that they can't be killed, or at least not for very long.  I am not sure if they were using the electrical impulses of the brains for energy or if they were eating them.  If you need electrical energy to operate it, we have it in more abundant supplies than the brain produces.  in the little wires leading to all the buildings.  If you eat brains, you shouldn't gorge on us because we are alone in the universe so you might not want to wipe out your only, very specific,  source of food.  The plot holes only get bigger from here. 

Characters-  A bunch of stereotypes.  The cheating husband, the nagging wife, the man that is completely clueless that his GF is pregnant and then has a really bad reaction to the news.  The acting wasn't bad but they didn't really have anything to work with.  Turk was in it, so that is awesome. 

Overall-  It is fun if you can turn your brain off.  I have this ability when it comes to action type movies, so I get maximum enjoyment while watching and only get the bad taste upon reflection afterwards.  It goes a different direction than most movies and had some neat if misguided concepts that were not thought through as well as they could have been.  It was a pretty movie and it is the only place that you will find the lumbering stealth bomber in a highly agile dog fight (because, you know, that is what it was designed for).  I say pop some corn and crack some sodas and give it a watch when you just want to kick back and watch explosions. 


Karate Los Angeles said...

See, movies like that I don't even bother with. But I do like sometimes to go against all the reviews. I luckily haven't stumbled on any losers like this, but thanks for the fair warning on it!


Nate Wilson said...

Sadly, other than Harry Potter 7.1 one week later, this is the last film I've seen in the theater. I wasn't nearly as gracious with my review. You're a better man than I. Or maybe you're just better at turning off your brain. Good review.

Bryon said...

Despite the bad script I think the acting from Eric Balfour and Scottie Thompson was pretty good since they were reacting to nothing when the aliens were CGI. That would be very difficult to do and even the Jurassic Park actors had animatronic creatures to look at. I looked at all of the movies at Blockbuster and I had already seen them or didn’t want to see them. Ever since I got my free 3 month membership with my DISH Network employee account I have been struggling to find good movies. People don’t seem to be trying as hard these days.