Tuesday, July 18, 2006


This was quite possibly the worst movie ever made. I now own it thanks to it being on sell for $2 at the grocery store. It had a misleading cover and title that made me believe that zombies would be overrunning New York. This seemed like a cool concept so I picked it up.

The story is about a witch that needs a ring and the blood of a virgin in order to secure eternal life. So there are almost no zombies in it. The only walking dead are her minions and they do not feed on flesh but ectoplasm that is distributed to them in the same manner that milk is distributed to puppies by their mother. The actress, in some surprisingly good (in comparison to the rest of the movie) special effects, grows additional sets to accommodate the other four zombies. The sole purpose of these zombies is for this feeding because they do nothing else in the movie.

The acting is bad, the plot is worse, and the sound quality was the worst. I think they used the mic on the camera for the whole movie. I would suggest this to people having a MST3K night wanting a movie they can just rip to shreds. Seriously, the movie is so bad that it is funny.


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