Thursday, August 24, 2006

Scifi's SuperHero


i can't believe tonight's who wants to be a superhero. i must say- great TV/stinky TV all rolled into must see TV

first great funny- the Pong reference. Espcially since the American express tennis commerical is playing on my tube right now. totally hilarious that mr. videogamer could only site the original and therefore ancient game as his fav. crazy

but the elimination!!!!!!
totally didn't expect it

must give Stan props for pulling that one over our eyes. from the start i felt that ---- might be a ringer, but i loved --- character so much that i didn't care.
so many of us thought that --- had a strong chance, almost a sure win, given Stan's judgement criteria

but as NickyFingga's would love to point --- wouldn't play well in the comic world

it's great when TV doesn't play out as expected
but its equally sad when TV doesn't live up to your expectations.

best of wishes to ---
and i hope the the comic doesn't suck

p.s. regardless of whoever wins, i predict that sci fi's string of B/D quality movie of the weeks won't be broken

--- spoilers probably unneccessary, but I'M NOT CHANGING IT

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Budd said...

I am a huge Feedback fan. I actually agree with Stan's criticism of Major V., but I think Fat Momma deserved the boot. I am not a big fan of preaching self esteem to kids. Telling kids it is okay to be fat and lazy is why we have a childhood obesity problem. Being an enjoyer of HoneyBuns, I am positive that they are manufactured by terrorist to give everyone in America diabetes.

Go Feedback, you deserve it!

Major Victory, you are still a hero to me.