Saturday, December 02, 2006

Galatica SMACKDOWN!!!!

and the returning champion Buckie the Spastic She-devil once again powered through not one, not two but THREE strapping studs!

total domination!

and in the far right corner- the two timing Billy killing terror got OWNED! reaping what you sow. sad but true.

episode was EXCELLANT as usual

funny realities:

Manaxoreia exists, and so does an ice cream eating dude crying over a dump job

the red shirt doesn't always die in the episode, but he sure will leave with a black eye

never underestimate the right hook of senior citizen

always listen to your teacher

and pirates STILL make the best officiates


great site/blog/podcast:

ECW can only DREAM of a better match up

P.S. pulled from Audra's blog from the above URL

"Starbuck just depletes the men around her, uses them and takes off on her next adventure. We don’t get a lot of women characters quite like this in modern film and t.v., and I think the shift from an original male character helped make it happen. I wonder if we (I) look for reasoning behind Starbuck’s actions more because she is a woman, rather than just blowing her off as a selfish player, as we might if she were a guy"

I for one am glad for the opportunity to see this kind of role reversal in play. Not since the Angel One episode from ST:TNG have we been presented with a believable shift in gender roles that wasn't swishy and that lets us consider the potential underlying motivations at work in the stereotypical Cro-mag. The freeing of the atmosphere from traditional gender positions allows us to honestly consider that chauvinism, like racism, isn't just a one sided character flaw but an ugly blotch in the human condition. However, since both ultimately are just outward expressions of inner inadequacies there's hope for change.
And if not, well then somebody needs to tap the bell.
Ding, Ding

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