Friday, March 23, 2007

The rumbling, grumbling noise that you hear

is the approaching deluge of RANDOM GEEK rants!



first point- I've already thrown my three cents into the 300 debate. see comment section below
No sense continuing to beat a dead horse, unless your Spartan and you're using it as a punching beg


The End is Near! The End is Near!
a horrible frost slowly encapulates my heart as the reality of a 8-10 month hiatus pierces my pysche
sniffle, sniffle

oh but WOW! does RDM know how to whip us geeks into a passionate frenzy or what?
the military would be wise to seek his talents out during their next mass recuitment campaign

the Summar of Love

yes, my friends, the Year of the Geek is now in full swing
I've already oulined most of the Must See theatrical releases below (in my YAWN post)

now for the DVDs
Best Buy will be elated as I plan to plop down a hefty chunk this year

some of the In Comings that I've ascertained so far
the Children of Men
the Curse of the Golden Dragon
(non genere) Pursuit of Happiness

and I still haven't grabbed a copy of the Prestige yet, but I will

My collecting cravings MUST be feed

hey, how's this for a 10 point nerd shot?
Star Trek convention with Shatner & Nimoy
this may be the year I finally get my ears

don't think I'm only kidding

If you partake in such "strange rituales" as fan cons
and happen upon a giddy fangirl wearing my homemade KEANU is the Greatest Actor ALIVE T
give a wave to the WuoWho

datsfadonya (it's phonetic, leave me alone- smirk)


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Punching bag.

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